Make The School Activities Transparent To Parents

A professional school management product of PixelsGen- a company based in Karachi, Pakistan is designed to cater administrative needs of schools and colleges. It establishes a better relationship between parents and school along with stretching management processes with utmost perfection. Its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools ensure productivity and prosperity. From updating and maintaining school fees details to entering student record every little administrative job is performed here!

Benefits of iVEM

The scope of benefits of this software is far-reaching. Its services help to form a firm administrative foundation for the school where every important issue becomes centralized. You do not have to skim through the pages in search of a particular information. Let’s pop into the list of some prominent advantages below:

  • Low Ownership Cost
  • Scalable And Highly Customizable
  • Easy To Use Software
  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Access To Parents And Students To View Every Important Activity
  • Multiple Campus Management
  • Improved Decision-Making
  • Secured Interface

An Easy Approach to Maintain and Update

iVEM contributes uncountable benefits in making the organization centralized and by uniformly administrating the processes. It provides a systematic approach to schools and colleges.

  • Centralizes All Operations
  • Zero Redundancy
  • Tech-Savvy Pictures of Events
  • Centralized Administration System
  • Cost-Effective
  • Microscopic View of Every Task
  • Professional Resource Optimization

Skilled Monitoring, Prosperous Administration

From school administration point of view, services of iVEM benefits organization with the top quality monitoring system. It ensures following advantages:

Authentic server to store data
Data encryption facility to ensure 100% security
No data redundancy
Computerized platform to manage tasks
Trouble-free data access

iVEM- Ties a Healthy Knot Of Connection

It’s not possible to carry out frequent interactions with teachers and school administrator to inquire about our child’s report or not learn about the new changes going on in the system. Therefore, the company provides a reliable platform to connect parents and skids from home. They only have to log in to their portal and check related updates. From checking examination reports to viewing real-time updated notes, news related to events to monitoring child’s attendance, every important information can be accessed from here. Furthermore, for students computerized management of examination helps them to learn skills and acquire knowledge about the subjects.